Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oregon Raceway Park, BMW E46 M3, clockwise configuration, rainy.

Skip Day Track Day at Oregon Raceway Park (ORP) on March 27, 2017. Clockwise wet lap in a '02 BMW E46 M3 making 362hp (308whp).

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A few laps around PIR in an E46 M3

Had a great time at the SCCA Track Night event on August 26th at Portland International Raceway.
Here are my first laps of the day getting to know the track.

Friday, June 24, 2016

2002 E46 M3 with 2016 F80 M3 437m 19" forged wheels.

2002 BMW E46 M3
OEM style 437m forged wheels
front: 9x19 ET 29
rear 9x19 ET 29 + 20mm H&R spacers

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bathroom Tile Project

3 day tile project photo log.

Day 1: demo, new plywood sub-floor, thin-set & cement board install.

Day 2: Tile layout and mock-up, thin-set, install tile.

Day 3: Grout tile joints, install base-board, door transition, paint touch-ups, install toilet.

in-process photos. tile is 6"x36" plank installed in a 1/3 running bond pattern.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Attending the first annual National Mass Timber Conference in Portland, OR.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review of EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kit S4KF1177 (front) and S4KR1019 (rear) for a BMW X3 E83

Overview: EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kits S4KF1177 (front), and S4KR1019 (rear) installed on a 2004 BMW X3 3.0i E83. I am currently 6 weeks in and have driven roughly 1000 miles. I gave them the full 200 mile break-in period of light braking, followed by EBC’s recommended “final bedding” run: five (5) heavy braking events from 60mph down to 20mph in quick succession. I then went on a 30 minute aggressive drive though a few mountain roads and gradually cooled the brakes on the freeway after. Everything is smooth. no squawks, squeaks, squeals.

About the kit(s): Front kit is 12.8 in. diameter, rear is 12.6 in. All rotors are directional with angled internal vents. If you install these backwards, you will probably get "whirl" noise caused by irregular airflow. Rear rotors have the integrated e-brake contact surface in the inside which makes them more expensive, kit does not include new e-brake pads. Both kits include EBC's URS Slotted Rotors with anti-corrosion black anodized finish. These are combined with carbon ceramic ultra-low dust "Red Stuff" pads. EBC maintains these pads are a 90% reduction in dust over OEM pads...that is one hell of a claim.

My observations: brake dust was fairly normal/heavy during the break-in period. This is to be expected while the pads set and the rotor surfaces clean up... Post break-in period, would I say the 90% reduction is true. I'm currently on day 7 from the last wash with no sign of dust anywhere on the wheels or body. Previously (OEM pads) brake dust would build up on my rear bumper and inner wheel surfaces within days of a wash. Very happy about that. Stopping power is noticeably better than OEM, and I don't have any brake fade that I had become accustom to on long drives in the hills with OEM pads. So the Red Stuff pads are working nicely! I will note that I chose these pads for the ultra-low dust rating, not stopping power. If you are after more serious braking (especially for towing), get EBC's "Green Stuff" SUV pads (still less dust than OEM), just more bite. EBC also makes the insane race level "Yellow Stuff" pads, but these swap massive amounts of dust for insane bite - not great for the street. and I doubt anyone is racing E83's with the exception of a few Russian rally teams, ha!.. Hope this helps if you are considering a brake upgrade. Happy driving.

BMW X3 E83 with EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kit S4KF1177 
EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kit S4KF1177
EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kit S4KF1177
EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kits S4KF1177 and S4KR1019
EBC Stage 4 Signature Big Brake Kits S4KF1177 and S4KR1019